USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

Just as a vacuum cleaner, this amazing USB device would remove dust clogged up on your Laptop or PC keyboards, the air vents and other hard to reach places. It is also a good dust remover for other electronic devices such as Digital Camera, Vedio Games, DVD Player, AC vent, Home Theater e.t.c.

Product features:

Directly inserts into USB interface on your Laptop or PC, does not need external power, the noise is barely audible, less power consumption.

Effectively cleans dust of computer keyboards and places out of reach of other cleaning materials.

Equipped with LED light in order to concentrate on effective cleaning.

It is designed with adjustable high-grade motion to drain heavier dust.

Can also be used to clean chassis, digital camera, display,etc

Price: N1,500 

Hurry and place your orders now!!



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