Automatic Wrist Watch Blood Pressure Monitor

Measure your blood pressure and pulse rate at the same time.
Portable and easy to operate. A perfect tool to understand your body condition.

blood pressureblood pressure monitor use

How to take your blood pressure using a home blood pressure monitor

1.Put the cuff on following the instructions that came with your monitor.

2.Make sure you are relaxed and comfortable. If you are anxious or uncomfortable, this will make your blood pressure rise temporarily.

3.When taking your reading, be relaxed and quiet.

4.Take two or three readings, each about 3 minutes apart, and then work out the average. Some people find that their first reading is much higher than the next readings. If this is true for you, keep taking readings until they level out and stop falling, then use this as your reading.

5.Record your reading, either in the memory of your monitor or on computer or paper.

Price: N7,000 

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