mosquito killer led bulb

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New 2 In 1 E27 15W 24 LED Mosquito Killer Bulb Lamp Anti Insect Bug Pest Fly Night Light For Indoor Outdoor




9W B22  Multi Function Mosquito Killer LED Bulb
Operating Modes:
1. Off
2. 100% Bright + Zapper
3. 50% Bright + Zapper
4. Zapper only
Are you tired of treating malaria? You don’t like using mosquito nets? You know about the hazards of insecticides? Then this bulb is yours. It comes with two lights: the  Zapperlight and Led bulbs.The Mosquito and Insect killer light bulb attracts and kills flying insects with its with its built in blue UV light which attracts the pests to the metal grid that kills them.The 9W bulb that  Shines bright replaces  the ordinary light bulbs. This is A must HAVE for every home, suitable for both adults and children.No fumes, No chemical, No sprays, and Safe for all. It is easy to use, just screw it to the lamp holder.It is also suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

Milky Cover

High transparent Cover, Make the light soft and evenly distributed

Slope design

Easy clean of mosquito/insect’s bodies and dirts

Protection grid and steel mesh

The grids can aoid you touching the eletric mesh by accident. The dense steel wire mesh can catch the mosquitos anf flying insects easily

Standard Lamp Holder

Standard E27 lamp holder achieve the easy replacement of the bulb. You can apply the bulb to your existing lamp fixture.


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